Students dive into drama

Drama photo courtesy of Emily Simmons.

Drama photo courtesy of Emily Simmons.

Imagine it, standing on stage as an audience applauds for a job well done. Costumes and the flowers, it sounds great, doesn’t it? Luckily, the junior high has a drama club and students can experience the thrill of acting. Well, it’s that time again, to start rehearsing for the school’s newest production, The Little Mermaid Jr.

There was an informational meeting about the play on Friday, Dec. 12. The auditions took place on Wednesday, Dec. 17 after school. Students did not have to be in the drama club to audition.

“All students are welcome,”  drama adviser Alyssa Becher said.

In order to audition, the students had to recite a line from the play and sing thirty seconds a cappella.  About 100 students audition every year and roughly 40 students are in the cast and another 30 are a part of the crew. Becher stated that there is a huge crew in the drama department.

Other than acting, there were multiple ways that other students got involved.

There are also spots available for the featured dancers in the show. Auditions will take place in January, and they will learn one of the dances from the show.

“In the past we’ve had the music department be involved, and we are looking into doing that again this year,”  Becher said.

The rehearsals started the week school began in January, and they practiced approximately three times a week after school.

“During show practices, I normally practice about 10-15 hours a week,” drama club member Jacob Wilt said.

The play was in March, and there is a lot of time put into the production.

“In the end there is a lot of time, hard work, and hours wrapped up into it. We are very excited,” Becher said.

As most students know, the play was approximately two months ago. The students put in a lot of hard work and effort, and the audience gave a booming applause at the end of each show.

Since the year is coming to an end, the freshmen have to say “goodbye” to the junior high’s drama program. Many are sad to leave.

“I’ve learned many valuable things here at the junior high. The most important thing would probably be to be myself and do the things I want to enjoy. Drama is one of those things,” Wilt said.

Drama club can help students get involved in acting outside of school as well.

“I have been in six productions at AAJHS and many other productions outside of school for ACT and other organizations,” Wilt said.

Though some are sad to leave, they didn’t leave without leaving behind some advice for future drama students.

“When in doubt, act it out,” drama club member Nathan Rairie said.

“My advice is to not be nervous. Just perform and give an effort. Be yourself, and have fun! That is the most important thing, after all!” Wilt said.