McDonald’s rules enforced; students react


Photo by Sarah Harmon

After the McDonald’s manager was assaulted by students, the restaurant began making new rules. The restaurant prohibits minors to be in the area without the accompaniment of an adult. Students are now voicing their opinions.

“It’s really dumb. Maybe the kids want to go to McDonald’s after school and have their parents pick them up. I think they should’ve made sure those kids aren’t allowed there. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long, because I want some McDonald’s,” ninth grader Draven Bush said.

“They should’ve responded verbally,” ninth grader Jerome Banks said. “It’s not a good thing.”

“I think they should’ve banned all students that were involved in the event, not all students. I think it’ll go on for about a year,” ninth grader Thomas Ardrey said.

“I think it’s unfair. I wasn’t at McDonald’s that day, or in Altoona. I was in the hospital, and I wanted to go to McDonald’s and people were telling me I couldn’t. I think they should’ve just banned the people who did it, and not everybody else, because everybody else didn’t beat up the manager. It was only those few kids. They should not think everybody is the same as everybody else, and that everybody is bad, because not everybody is bad,” ninth grader Renee Taylor-Parsons said.

“I feel that it was acceptable. I feel like they did what they needed to do. The gun was acceptable, but legal,” Brent Gehret, ninth grader said.