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Video Game 101: Video game raffles, reviews and stories

in courtesy of pklucario

Pokemon online is a fun way to interact with people; play Pokemon  and trade cards online.  Pokemon online has new updates all the time and is free to play.  Pokemon is a fun way to play Pokemon against people the player does not know.  The player can play Pokemon, trade cards and go to the shop to buy and open some packs.

To start, in Pokemon online the player is given a starter deck and multiple different cards to make a deck of 60 cards with.  The player can then proceed to the play area and decide what he/she will be doing.  For example the player can play with friends, or the player can find a random match with a random opponent.  The player can decide what kind of decks are allowed. If the cards are new enough or if the player can use older cards, the player can select what deck to use and then they can begin.  The player finds an opponent, and then goes into battle.  The player and the opponent take turns playing Pokemon just like in real life.

In this game it gives the player an option to trade cards.  Certain cards that they get in online packs can be used to trade for other cards the player needs or wants for decks or for a collection.  The player stays in a lobby and tells everyone what they are looking for and what they have for trade.  When the player finds someone who wants to trade the player can make a public trade.  They then make the trade and the other person can accept it if they would like.

Finally, the player can buy packs from the shop with codes the player gets for opening real packs of Pokemon cards.  With these code cards, the player can claim different packs.  With certain codes the player can get only specific things, such as a tin. Any player can use the online code to get the specific Pokemon from the tin, or with the new set the player can only use those code cards for those packs.  There are other ways to purchase these code cards.  For example, people such as YouTubers and game shops will sell code cards for 75 cents each.  People buy them for that price, but some people (like myself) sell code cards for 50 cents each.
Overall, this online mass multiplayer deserves a 4 out of 5 stars.

in courtesy of pklucario

The game could add more things for people to do.  When the player makes an account, they can choose an avatar. There should be more to do with characters after that point.  This game is still a fun way to meet people and get to play a fun game with them.  This game is still in beta stages and it will get even better.

If you guys are interested, I will always have some extra code cards, and I may have a giveaway for them. Tell me what you guys think and I will most likely do a giveaway for some if you guys are interested. Thanks.

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