Indoor majorettes start prepping for twirling season.


Majorettes will begin working toward indoor competition soon. Photo by Tasia Werkmeister

Majorettes will begin working toward indoor competition soon. Photo by Tasia Werkmeister

Indoor majorettes will prepare for competitions.  They will go head to head with rival indoor team Hollidaysburg.  Advisor, Peggy Guyer, plans to get the girls ahead of the game by starting practices in October with competitions not starting until March.

In addition to a fresh new season, freshman Courtney Detwiler, who has been twirling for eight years, is planning on making a huge effort in contributing everything she possibly can to this indoor season.

“I want to teach the girls how to be a leader, so when they become freshman they know how to be in charge. I also want to teach them how to act nice towards people even if they don’t like what they are doing,” Detwiler said.

Returning majorette, eighth grader, Emilie Lozinski, is looking forward to the upcoming season.

“I’m excited to see our competition because last year we didn’t really have any,” said Lozinski.

Although varsity band only allows eighth and ninth graders to be a part of majorettes, indoor encourages twirlers in seventh grade to participate in the indoor season. Seventh grader Mackenzie Detwiler has mixed feelings about doing indoor as should any seventh grader.

“I am very nervous, because I feel like everyone else has more experience than me, but I am going to try to work my hardest,” M. Detwiler said.

Indoor is supported 100 percent by ninth grade music teacher and varsity band director, Kent Martin.

“I go to select practices and performances, I also help Mrs. Guyer with the indoor budget,” Martin said. “The girls are always well prepared and generally do well in competitive events.”