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Did Star Wars Battlefront meet expectations?

We are coming up on one month of Star Wars Battlefront.  After playing the game for almost a month now, it is a good time for a review of the game.  After all the hype about the game, it was seeming to be a game that would set all kinds of records.  Many excited fans, including myself, decided to pre-order the game to be the first ones to experience it.  Quickly Star Wars Battlefront became underwhelming after it’s release.  For simplicity from now on we will abbreviate Star Wars Battlefront as SWB.

 The consoles of the current generation are known mostly for the improved graphics, but SWB had seemingly average graphics.  Contributing to that many of the textures were simply repeated.  If you are like me, this was probably the most annoying part of the game.  Most games use repeating textures to simplify the coding and design process.  That is acceptable because it would take an extremely long amount of time to make custom textures for everything.  SWB uses repeated textures to an extreme degree.

 On a happier note the gameplay is quite satisfying and did not get repetitive after just a few rounds.  The only issue was that initial leveling is very difficult when higher levels are in the same lobby.  The tutorials do not entirely cover all the basics of the game so to learn a lot of it players must actually play multiplayer.  After a few hours of playing, most of the features have been seen and the game becomes a lot clearer.  Another nice feature is the ability to toggle between first and second person.  Each changes the game play, especially in ships.

Now what most want to know, is it worth it.  Like most current new games, Star Wars Battlefront will set you back about $60.  It is not worth it for $60, but that does not mean you should not get it.  If you are at all a fan of Star Wars it is an extremely good game to play.  It would be a good idea though to wait a few months as it will most likely drop down in price after Christmas and New Years.    

Picture provided by BagoGames and made by EA
Picture provided by BagoGames and made by EA