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Best fashion trends from 2015

Now that 2015 is coming to an end, what better way to close the year out than by talking about the best fashion trends from 2015. Fashion week is one of the biggest events in fashion, it gets bigger and better every year. Here were some of the best and most wearable brands and looks from spring 2015.

 Marc Jacobs really went all out this year with bold colors and textures, most of his 2015 collection consisted of big coats and jackets. Calvin Klein is a major underwear brand lately, super stars like Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber have done campaigns for Calvin Klein this past year. Calvin’s collection consisted of long skirts and dresses that were jean, white and blue.

 Fall of this year had some big fashion trends as well, here are more wearable looks from the runway. Car wash skirts, it’s a major spin off the fringe trend,  it’s pretty much a skirt with slits up and down it to give the illusion of fringe. This next fashion trend could lead into winter, puffer coats with wild patterns and colors.

There were some really simple and affordable trends that happened this year, other than the trends people usually see on the runway. A simple striped shirt can really dress up or down an outfit! Ladies, tuxedo jackets aren’t just for guys! It’s a really easy way to dress up an outfit without getting too dressy. Knit isn’t just for sweaters, sweater dresses are becoming popular especially with Christmas coming up. One trend that I hope continues into 2016 is camel colored trench coats; they goes with anything and everything, and honestly never go out of style. What were some of your favorite fashion trends from this year?Omaha-Fashion-Week-Runway