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Ark: Survival Evolved review

Ark: Survival Evolved is currently listed on the Steam Store as in the top five most selling games.  Ark, as it is commonly referred to as, takes the survival game and revolutionizes it by adding some of the oldest creatures on Earth.  Not only dinosaurs have been added to Ark, it also includes mammals from the ice age like the Wooly Mammoth and the Dire Wolf.  Ark starts players off with nothing but a strange implant in the arm.  As of now, no information regarding this implant has been made public.  As the game progresses the player levels up and unlocks new engrams or crafting recipes.  

 Ark is not limited to it’s crafting systems; it features hundreds of official Ark servers that thousands of players can participate in PvP on.  A gamemode known as Survival of The Fittest, or SOTF, has become widely popular and has steamed into tournaments that have prizes of up to $10,000.  The goal of Ark is so form a tribe with others and grow in size and strength.  Ark developers have stated they want to include at least 100 different creatures by the end of the year.  The game updates as much as once a week meaning even after max level is reached there is still more content to play with.

Ark’s tribe system is a large part of the game.  So much so that it is extremely difficult to progress past a certain point without a tribe.  Single player is always an option since Ark has a multiplier system.  Server admins as well as those playing Single Player can adjust the speed and amount of different factors.  This means the game can be enjoyed even if only played with a limited amount of time.