Superstar Student

Sidnie as she competes at the DEA dance competition-

Sidnie as she competes at the DEA dance competition-

    Every student has that superstar quality that makes them stand out through the school. Each week this blog will shine the spotlight on a student who shows true character inside and out.

Being that we’re in the month of love many students are falling into a trance. There is one student that is still laughing on and brightening up the classrooms even with their love struck mind. That student is Sidnie Yoder, this week’s star student.

“I feel very happy and joyful to be recognized as a star student because my friend Madison was it, so it’s cool. Now I get to brag that I got it like her,” Yoder said.

Being one of Sidnie’s friends I get to see her work ethic even though I’m not on her floor, and her bubbly attitude in and out of the walls of the school. Yoder always helps other students if they need help with anything and always makes anyone feel like they have energy. Her fellow students as well as her teachers all agree that Sidnie is a great student of the school.

“Sidnie is a really cool friend to have. She always helps other kids with any work or things they have trouble with at dance. Her dance moves and energy light up any room,” Madison Noel said.

Other than school Yoder has dance every night and usually dances 16 hours a week. She has tons of homework on top of her classes, and focusing on her competitive dance takes up a lot of that time.

“It’s hard to manage my school work and dance classes since I’m in seventh it’s harder, but my parents and older friends at dance usually help me get it finished. Also my friends study with me at dance on our free time” Yoder said.

Her teachers agree that Sidnie should be star student. They believe she is a great example of what a star student should be like, and challenges others to get to know her.

If you see Sidnie in the hallways make sure to congratulate her on being this week’s star student! Check back to see who next week’s star student is going to be.