Makeup Check ✔


This week’s beauty help is easy makeup hacks.  Having good makeup can be a hassle most of the time, so if there is anything to make it an easier process and take up less time it helps.  

The first hack is for when eyeliner runs out.  A great and even better substitute for eyeliner is mascara.  All you need is an angled brush or small detailed brush and some good mascara.  Take out the wand and run the angled or detailed brush through the wand a few times until evenly coated.  Then start in the middle of the eye and distribute the product evenly in the desired manner.  At first I found this hard to get the hang of, but then as I continued to draw the wing of the eyeliner I realized there was a lot more control.  This hack is easy to do and easy to manage.  The only complaint I would have is that the brush does need to be washed really well afterwards because the mascara ends up drying.

Not all people fill or touch up their eyebrows on a day to day basis, but for those who do this life hack is for them.  Filling in eyebrows takes a long time if it is not part of a daily routine.  So with this makeup hack just take a clean mascara wand that is not being used and run it through brow powder.  Then just gradually brush it through your eyebrows until the color builds up to the right preference.  I love this hack because it is such an easy thing to do on an everyday basis.  There is a downside to this though because the powder turns into a dust and gets everywhere.  Other than that this is a very good trick to use everyday.

Instead of putting on a somewhat heavy foundation, make a DIY tinted moisturizer.  All that is needed for this hack is your favorite moisturizer and a concealer.  I like to use one part moisturizer to two or two and a half parts concealer so I can have a little more coverage.  This is useful for the days when a heavy foundation is just too much.  The best part is it can be made any way the person wants.

To make eyeshadows stand out more put a white eyeliner base down first then the eyeshadow on top.  This is a great way to enhance the color of a particular eyeshadow.  This is a great way to enhance the color and it acts as a good base for the eyeshadow so it stays on all day.

The last hack is to use a concealer brush for applying lipstick.  This is great for getting a precise application.  When having a bright or dark color using the brush will make it better so it won’t smear off. A concealer brush is not even needed, some can even use a small detailed brush.

Makeup can be made easy with these tips and tricks.