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The star staff of this week is an eighth grade academic reading teacher, Jenny Wilson. She has been teaching for 20 years. Ten years teaching in English and 10 years in Reading. She started teaching at Keith Junior High School in 1995.  Wilson went to the University of Massachusetts for undergraduate degree in Communications and then went to Saint Francis for her Teaching degree.

“I love reading because a book can take you anywhere! So much background knowledge about the world can be learned from reading books,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s  favorite part about teaching reading is seeing students who say they do not like to read really learn to love a book. Also, opening new worlds to kids through books, discussing reading with students and helping students find a deeper meaning make her job enjoyable. She aims to make students want to read.

“Mrs. Wilson is a careful, nice, respectful and she is a great teacher along with a great friend. I’m not a very big reader or a big fan or reading but she makes it interesting,” Evan Montgomery said.

She has her eyes on the prize when it comes to teaching her students what it really means to read. Teaching junior high kids keeps her young and with them it is never a dull moment for her. She can teach what she loves to teach very well.

“Many kids have in their minds that they don’t like to read, but once they are out of that stage, we are good to go,” Wilson said.

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Mrs.Wilson is happy everyday and does her best at teaching. She is a great teacher. Photo by: Gracie Shaffer
Mrs.Wilson is happy everyday and does her best at teaching. 
Photo by Gracie Shaffer