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Kid’s day was held at Logan Valley Mall on 3/19/16

Kid’s Day at Logan Valley Mall

Events going on in the Altoona Community. 

Saturday March 19, 2016 The Logan Valley Mall hosted an event of non-profit organizations having activities to offer to kids. This event was called “Kid’s Day.” There were tables set up and children would go around and try them out. There were various things to do like: making headbands, trying cool science experiments, giving out candy and passing out flyers to promote the organization.

Parents were happy to let their kids find something to do for themselves at the mall while they shopped.

It was a fun event to be a part of and it really was nice to give back to the community.

The organizations involved were ones like United Way. That organization truly believes that everyone deserves to have a good quality education that leads to a stable job, a stable income, and good health. Family Resource Center is one of the ways that United Way is making a positive impact on early childhood education. Parent Teachers do in-home visitations for families with kids under the kindergarten age. They provide information, support and encourage parents need to develop during the crucial years of early life.

That is only one organization involved in the event. There were many more that attended like Juniata College, Galliker’s Milk and more . The event was primarily focused on young kids and was a very good cause. These organizations primarily believe in the importance of early child development and this was a nice event to reach out to the community.