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A picture of the Milkway stars on a almost clear night. Photo Credit: flickr.com Photo By: epSos.de

The stars here in Altoona really stink in my opinion. To have the best star gazing experience people have to go to one of the these places: Yangtze River Valley, Tuscany, Kruger National Park,  Hawaii,  The Caribbean Sea, New Mexico, La , Los Angeles or The Atacama Desert, Chile.

The Atacama Desert is located in Chile. It is the top place to stargaze in the world. It’s extremely dry. The driest place on Earth, acquiring less than a millimeter of rain a year and boasts a very Mars-like appearance. Since the Atacama receives very few cloudy days and little interference from city lights, and is high above sea-level, it’s a star-gazer’s paradise.

The near perfect visibility here gives stargazers crystal-clear views of the legends of the Southern Hemisphere sky. People can easily see  the Tarantula Nebula and the Fo

A picture of the Milky way stars on a almost clear night.
Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo By: epSos.de

rnax Cluster of galaxies.

Now for a more local stargazing place, the best place would be the Hawaiian islands.  Since they are More than 2,300 miles from the U.S. mainland studded with high volcanic peaks The islands of Hawaii have evolved into one of the world’s premier astronomy destinations. Luckily we can view this amazing sight without leaving the country.

From the Hawaiian Islands people can easily see the Celestial Northern Hemisphere favorites including the Milky Way, the bands of Jupiter, and the constellations of Ursa Major and Orion can be seen there.

Located in Los Angeles is the  Griffith Observatory (www.griffithobs.org), located high on top Mount Hollywood, makes it a worthwhile astronomical destination as well. People can visit Hollywood seeing two different types of stars, astronomy stars and celebrity  stars.

Depending on the time of year, visible stars and planets that can be seen from the observatory include Jupiter and Venus, assorted double stars, clusters, and nebulae. And with the facility’s powerful telescopes and such stuff, you can get an incredibly detailed view of the moon and its  surface.

There are many other locations that have great views of stars. The Atacama Desert is the top place in the world. And the Hawaii Islands and the Griffith Observatory are the best local places to star glazed. Check out the other places I mentioned at: