Inquiring Photographer

What are you most excited for this year?

“I’m excited to get to know the new students this year,” seventh grade teacher Jessica Gouse said.
Mr Krott:
“I am looking forward to seeing my former seventh grade students excel in ninth grade,” technology coach Ken Krott said.
“I’m looking forward to my awesome students and helping out with the new equipment,” eighth grade teacher Kristin Fazio said.
“I’m most excited for a fresh start with new faces, new hopes, new successes, and of course, quality time with the lunch ladies,” eighth grade teacher Don Church said.
“I’m looking forward to having a great school year with the new kids and teaching my students about the upcoming election,” seventh grade teacher Cindy Danish said.
“I’m excited for my favorite part of the year – teaching European history,” eighth grade teacher Karen Kustaborder said.
“I’m excited to advise Anime Club and teach Greek Mythology,” eighth grade teacher John Garlick said.
“I’m looking forward to getting to know this group of students, and watching them grow into responsible young adults,”  seventh grade teacher Lindsay Zerbee said.
“I’m looking forward to getting to know a new group of kids,” eighth grade teacher Jim O’Donnell said.
“I’m looking forward to getting to play with the band and all of my friends in the drumline,” ninth grade student Zach Zeigler said.