Valentine’s Day excites ninth grade students

Ninth grade students line up to get picture taken at this years Sweethearts dance.
 ~Photo taken by Andrae holsey

Ninth grade students line up to get picture taken at this years Sweethearts dance. ~Photo taken by Andrae holsey

Ninth grade students line up to get picture taken at this years Sweethearts dance.
~Photo by Andrae Holsey

The Sweetheart’s Dance is held once every year for ninth grade students. It was held on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, in the school’s gymnasium.  Nearly 300 students arrived to this event out of more than 600 ninth grade students. It was held by the ninth grade executive committee headed by Lisa Plummer and Becky Heisler.  The dance allowed students to have a good time outside school hours with both friends and dates.

“I was very excited to dance and hang out with my friends,” ninth grader Kirstin Adams said.

“I was very excited because it was different, and I have never really gone to a dance with all my friends before,” ninth grader Jeremy Rhine said.

Many had also bought their dresses early in the month.

“I bought mine a month before the dance when I was in Texas,” Adams said.

“I bought my dress in the beginning of January at Deb,” ninth grader Mariah Alverson said.

Some students wanted the night to be perfect and therefore spent a lot of time getting ready.  However, a few did not spend much time getting ready at all.

“It took me about an hour and a half just to get my hair and makeup done,” Adams said.

“It didn’t take me long at all, mostly because I didn’t care what I looked like,” Alverson said.

“It only took me ten minutes to get ready,” Rhine said.

According to many students, most had fun at the dance while some not so much.

“I enjoyed it so much,” Adams said.

“Honestly, I thought it could’ve been better, I was more excited for what I was going to be doing after the dance instead,” Rhine said.

“I had a lot of fun just dancing around with my friends and acting like a total nut job,” Alverson said.

Students went with dates, alone or in groups.

“I went alone since my boyfriend couldn’t go.  I was sad but I still had a ton of fun hanging with my friends,” Adams said.

“I went with a date, Brooke Krug,” Rhine said.

“I started out hanging with my friends, dateless, but towards the end things changed,” Alverson said.

According to Alverson, “The decorations were nice and everyone looked absolutely amazing.”

“ I thought the DJ did a really good job. He played a lot of good music,” Rhine said.

“For the most part, everyone had a really great time”, Alverson said.

“The dance was magical.  One of the best nights of my life,” Adams said.

“It was a really fun night and somewhat very interesting,” Alverson said.

“There was even a dance off held in the middle of the gym where everyone was standing around the center watching,” Rhine said.

Since the dance was held in the gymnasium there was plenty of room for all the students who went.

“There were tons of students there and still enough room move around and dance.

Even though many ninth graders went, a good bit couldn’t make it due to sports, probation, suspension, and being sick that night.

“Mostly everyone danced and just hung out with friends,” Adams said.

Although it was an after school event, it still needed supervision.

“While we were all dancing, staff members stood here and there,” Adams said.

“There was plenty of supervision, but the teachers weren’t too strict and made sure everything was safe and all went well,” Rhine said.

“The good thing was that there wasn’t any trouble,” Alverson said.

By the end of the night students were glad they got a chance to have a night they would most likely remember for a long time.

“Towards the very end of the dance I got a kiss from a good friend of mine,” Alverson said.

“I got to slow dance with the one person I really like, which ended my night perfectly,” Adams said.

“All in all the dance was really fun and everything went really well.  I was just sad when the night was over,”  Alverson said.