Nic Coppeta moves on to mathcounts states competition

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The mathcounts state competition is soon approaching for the student who qualified for the state level.  The one student who is eligible for the state competition is Nic Coppeta.

“I feel very proud of myself

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,” Nic Coppeta said when asked about how he feels about making it to the state competition.

“I feel like I have a fair chance in states,” Coppeta said.

Mathcounts is a competition about all math related things and really helps students become better math students.

The regional competition was earlier this month in February and states takes place later next month but the students have been preparing the whole year.

Mathcounts is both an individual and team competition. Competitors get an individual score and their  individual scores combine together to make a team score and there is also a team rut problem where the whole team works together.

“It is going to be a tough competition with tough math problems,” Coppeta said.

Students are eligible for mathcounts for three years from sixth to eighth grade. Last year Coppeta qualified for states and finished in eightieth place.

The way the levels of competition take place is a school competition takes place to decide who from the school will make it to regionals.  At the regional competition the top four students from each region will move on to states.  This year, only one student from Altoona, Nic Coppeta made it to states.

“My goal is to make it in the top forty,” Coppeta said. “I go to all of the mathcounts practices with Mr. Rodgers to get ready for the competitions.”