Stranger Things in 1980’s

Weirdo on Maple Street

Emily Rentz

In episode two of the season, the boys and Eleven go to Mike’s house and ask her questions like where she came from and if she’s seen Will. Eleven doesn’t seem to talk much though.  Lucas and Dustin think it’s a bad idea that they must deal with another problem. Mike and El (Mike gives her a nickname) seem to bond quickly. El tells Mike “bad people” are after her and finds a picture of Will and points him out and surprises Mike. Mike tells Lucas and Dustin thinking the bad men took Will too. Lucas doesn’t believe anything and decides to tell their parents. El slams the door with her “powers” and the boys are surprised. El uses her powers again to find will through a walkie talkie and they know Will’s still alive.

In the beginning of the series the boys are playing “Dungeons and Dragons.” El makes a reference that Will is hiding but in the upside down from the Demogorgan.

Joyce gets very stressed about her missing son. She gets a mysterious phone call that she thinks is Will; Hopper doesn’t believe her. Hopper might think that Will is at Lonnie’s (Will’s dad). So, Jonathan decides to go to Lonnie’s and doesn’t find Will. Since nobody’s home, the Hawkins scientists come to the Byer’s house and put in microphones so they can hear all conversations going on in the house!

Remember when Benny died? The cops find him, and they think it’s suicide! Hopper interviews people and customers say they saw a shaved headed boy who is actually Eleven, but Hopper thinks it’s Will.

Nancy, Mike’s older sister, goes to a friend’s house and sees something strange, but the next morning, her friend Barb is missing too! That same night, Jonathan decides to go out into the woods to find Will. He finds the house Nancy’s at and takes pictures. When he reloads his camera, Barb, Nancy’s friend, isn’t anywhere to be seen.

Joyce gets another mysterious phone call and it’s Will but he’s in trouble. Why did all the lights flicker when Will said “mom”? Will can communicate through electricity which explains the music and lamps turning on! Then, the Demogorgan tries to come through the wall but fails and Joyce starts to go crazy!

When I first watched this episode I thought that how many people are going to vanish?! Why did the Demogorgan choose certain people and why Hawkins? Also, why and how can Will communicate through the lights? Episode two is actually one of my favorite episodes out of the whole season because so many questions and twists happen.