Stranger Things in 1980’s

The Monster

So in episode six of Stranger Things, after Nancy enters a secret portal and finds the Demogorgan; Jonathan follows her screams and finds the portal. Nancy escapes but is petrified. When she goes home with Jonathan, she keeps having flashes of seeing the monster. She and Jonathan make theories of Barb and Will still being alive. She realizes the Demogorgan can sense blood away from a far distance; it’s a predator and can detect blood. To be sure, they plan to test it and to kill the Demogorgan.

Hopper tells Joyce everything he saw in the lab including the child’s room. He tells her it’s not Will’s because it was a girl’s room: Eleven’s room. Hopper thinks it may be the girl from Benny’s place. When Hopper went to the library he found an article about Terry Ives losing her daughter and was in business with Hawkins Lab which he thought was suspicious. So he finds out where she lives, and Hopper and Joyce go ask her questions. When they get to Terry Ives home they find out that she was a patient at the lab, and she was experimented on. She had a daughter named Jane who supposedly died at birth. Terry went psycho and thinks her daughter had telekinesis and telepathy. What nobody knows yet is that Jane is Eleven! She was stolen and her death was a cover up. Dr. Brenner has no soul and happiness! That’s so sad that Terry hasn’t seen her daughter in 12 years.

Steve gets jealous that Jonathan and Nancy are spending a lot of time together but what he doesn’t know is that they are just hunting the Demogorgan together! They end up getting into a fight, and Jonathan is sent to the Sheriff’s office.

Mike is still very upset about Eleven leaving. Dustin and Mike decide to come together and get Lucas to find Eleven. Lucas is still angry with Mike and decides to find Will by himself. When Dustin and Mike look in the woods for Eleven, they find their bullies instead and are chased. They make them stand on the edge of a mountain over a reservoir! Mike is forced to jump, and he goes over! I was on the edge of my seat for this scene. Eleven comes to the rescue and saves them! She ends up breaking Troy’s arm with her mind. Mike is really happy that she found him. I was extremely happy at this part because Mike cares so much for her. But when they get home, someone’s watching them…