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Lydia Newman

Track season begins

Track and field has officially begun for the 2016-2017 school year. Coaches held their first meeting with the potential ninth grade athletes on Wednesday, March 1 to discuss rules, regulations and requirements.

Students involved in the track team are encouraged by coaches to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good grades. Members are expected to maintain passing grades and a well behavior in school. This year the track and field team is to attend a total of 20 different meets.The first meet is a home game that will take place on March 24. Practice begins throughout the entire junior high on Monday, March 6 and will continue everyday through the continuation of the season.

Many students are returning for their third year of track while others are joining for the first time.

“I just joined this year for something to do,” ninth grader Roman Rojas said.

Regardless of whether they are returning members or newbies to the track team many members are looking forward to the sport.

“I’m excited to meet new people and get better each day at something I love,” ninth grade athlete Aunyah Kennedy said.