Stranger Things in 1980’s

6 Ideas for Season two

Emily Rentz

Stranger Things  has taken over my life in a very real way. After zipping through season one, I immediately went to find out if Netflix had ordered a second season. It’s not official yet, but given all the praise the show is getting, it seems likely. Creators Matt and Ross Duffer have already said if they are granted another batch of episodes, it’s not a second season as much as a sequel. Hmmm. Well, we’re sure they know what direction they would go in, but just in case, here are some (highly speculative, completely unfounded) ideas! MAJOR spoiler alert.

  1. Eleven’s life after Escaping

Season one ends with Eleven basically spontaneously combusting in order to destroy the monster . . . but is she really gone? While it initially appears so, Chief Hopper leaves some Eggos (her favorite) and Christmas cookies in a box at the edge of the forest. If she is still alive, season two could revolve around how she manages to survive, and what dimension she’s in.

  1. Eleven’s mom volunteering for experiments

Toward the end of the first season, we meet Eleven’s mother. Turns out that Eleven is born with powers because her mother had been volunteering for experiments while she was pregnant with her daughter. Though the creators specified season two would be a sequel, perhaps it could be a prequel about how Eleven’s mom came to the Hawkins National Laboratory and what she goes through there.

      3. The kids all growing up

Season one takes place in 1983, and if the boys are 12 then, they would be 45 now. Perhaps they’ve gone their separate ways over the years, but season two could feature their return to Hawkins, IN. Maybe they have a reunion, or maybe one of them has an inkling that the monster has resurfaced.

  1. Will’s epilogue

One of the biggest cliffhangers from the first season has to do with Will. He seems okay a month after the ordeal, but he’s hiding the fact that he’s coughing up monster-slugs. Are we really never going to see what happens to Will? Season two could pick up with that monster-slug going down the drain in the bathroom sink.

  1. The monster’s spawn

Eleven kills the monster at the end of the first season and everything is cool— or is it? How do we know that that insane monster doesn’t have a monster family? What if Eleven just destroyed one of many monsters lingering in the other dimension? Season two could feature one of them ripping a hole between worlds and invading the town.

  1.  Hawkins National Laboratory’s search for a new kid

Now that Hawkins National Laboratory has lost their biggest project, what will they do? There may be more kids out there like Eleven, and season two could be their search to find those with telekinetic powers. Granted, Dr. Brenner probably won’t be back after that attack, but I doubt that program will end with his death.