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The iconic star wars

Caden McMaster, Reporter

In recent Star Wars news, EA’s Battlefront 2 suffered some major losses earlier this week with the new revelation that heroes would have to be unlocked through over 40 hours of game play for each character.

Heroes like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker would not be playable until you waste an entire week trying to unlock at least one hero. Now EA has seemed to correct the problem by lowering prices of the heroes by 75%. This may seem okay but EA has also lowered how many credits you receive to purchase the characters in the multiplayer battles, so you have a lower number you receive.

When news of this story broke, the gaming community was outraged by the news. EA posted a statement on Reddit saying “They wanted players to have a sense of pride and achievement for the players.” This statement soon became the most down voted comment on Reddit history, and the game is still constantly getting criticized.

Star Wars:the last Jedi is less than a month away, and the hype for the movie is building. Youtube has hundreds of trailer breakdowns on the movie and fan theories speculating about the movie. The movie is set to release on Dec. 14 and is to clear up some questions about the Star Wars saga. The director of the last Jedi, Rian Johnson is said to be directing a new trilogy for the Star Wars universe with new heroes and villains. Then later in a post Disney announced a live action television series for Star Wars and is set to be announced early 2018. The new trilogy and series is going to expand the Star Wars world and the canon universe.

In Star Wars comic news, a new Thrawn comic is coming to stores in early 2018, telling the story of how Admiral Thrawn rose to power and his time during the Galactic Republic leading into the Empires reign. It will be a six issue series on a adaptation of Timothy Zahns novel of the same name.

Today is also the release date for Netflix’s The Punisher and Justice League. That is it for this week’s news, come in next week to see more Star Wars, Marvel and DC news.