Strangest things


Season one, episode four was very suspenseful, but it answered a lot of questions, and also left a few.

Riley Steinbugl

On this blog, I will be talking about an episode of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, each week, including things such as, what I think will happen, as well as my thoughts on the characters and the events that happened. 

This week on Stranger Things, I’ll be talking about season one, episode two. In this episode a new character is introduced for the first time. Eleven, one of my favorite charters is brought into the mix of the group.

The episode starts with the boys, Mike, Dustin and Lucas sneaking out of their houses to go and look for Will. They go into the woods without any parents, and it is pouring down rain. I personally would never go into the woods at night alone because I would be scared of what might happen.

After they are in the woods for awhile, they hear a strange noise. If I heard a strange noise when I was in the woods, I would  run away, but the boys decide to investigate. They shine their flashlights out into the woods and see another kid. This kid has a shaved head and is soaking wet.

After getting a little closer, they realized that the kid they found was a girl. The girl looked afraid and scared. Mike decided they should take the girl to his house. They think at first they should tell Mike’s mom, but then Mike realizes they would all get grounded if their moms found out they snuck out. If I was in this situation, I would tell my mom right away because I would want to get the girl help.

When they get home, Mike gets the girl some dry clothes. The girl hasn’t said anything since they found her. They try to ask her name, but she just shows them a tattoo on her lower arm. It read “011.” If I saw a kid with a tattoo, I would think that was pretty cool but wonder how they got it. The boys then decide to call her Eleven, or El for short.

The next morning, Mike has to go to school. He tells Eleven to stay downstairs, and he will be back soon. I though what Mike was doing was really risky and that if it was me, I’d probably get caught. Eleven decides to explore the house, and she then reveals that she has mind powers to the boys. Lucas gets frustrated and wants to go and tell Mike’s mom, but Eleven slams the door using nothing but her mind. I thought this was super cool but kind of scary. If one of my friends just randomly slammed a door with their mind I would be mind blown.

After the boys see that Eleven has special powers, she also tells them that she is in a lot of trouble and that she knows about Will. Then, Joyce, Will’s mom receives some strange phone calls that she believes are from Will; who is still missing. She thinks that Will is trying to communicate with her, and he is in trouble. If I were a mom and my kid went missing, I would be so devastated and confused.

On top of all this, Nancy, Mike’s older sister and her friend Barb decide to go to a small party with Nancy’s boyfriend Steve. The party starts to escalate to the point where Barb wants to leave. Nancy gets mad at Barb and tells her to just leave. If my friend got mad at me and I was mad at her, I would probably just leave without her telling me too.

Barb then goes out to sit by the pool. She hears some strange noises and then something grabs her from behind. If I heard strange noises I would run away and try and get away for that spot. Barb gets grabbed by a “monster-like creature,” and is then taken to the “Upside Down.” We then learn this is the place Will is. If I was in a place like that, I would be so scared. After Barb gets taken, the next morning everything seems to go back to normal except for the disappearances of Will and Barb. I thought this episode was very scary but interesting at the same time. It left me with a lot of questions about what will happen next and if the two will be found.

Tune in next week on Stranger Things, to hear about season one, episode three.