Students try out for vocal ensemble


Vocal ensemble practices their music for all city chorus concert, during their third practice. “Fix you” by Cold Play, “count on me” by Bruno Mars and “Africa” by Toto are some of the songs they will be singing.

After auditions took place over a month ago, vocal ensemble students practice songs for their first concert, during their third practice. When the 25 students out of many were accepted they were ecstatic. “I was so excited when I found out I got in..”, eighth grader Aslinn Pardellas said.

“Next” yelled Jessica Connell as students from both the eighth and ninth grade choral program lined up in the choir room for vocal ensemble tryouts on Thursday Sept. 20.  Several who wanted to take part in this group strived to sing out and give it their best.  Many of the students arrived an hour earlier to practice and get the songs right before their audition.  Over 50 students tried out but only 25 made the cut.

This group meets every Wednesday after school from three to four o’clock in the choir room.

“Vocal ensemble is a selective group from the varsity chorus that performs broadway and pop music,”  Connell said.

Being a part of vocal ensemble means taking on a new responsibility that not everyone has the chance of experiencing.  It allows students to make new friends, sing songs they enjoy and more importantly express themselves through their singing.

When auditions took place many of the students were nervous, but a few were actually quite confident.

“ I was pretty nervous,” eighth  grader Aslinn Pardellas said .

Almost everyone there said they messed up on their audition. Because of this they were afraid it would count against them and making the cut list.

“I was actually really unsure if I got in or not because there are so many good people who are singing, and I didn’t think I was honestly going to make it,” Pardellas said.

Everyone rushed to see if there name was one the list of students who were accepted that friday after school.

“ I was so excited when I found out that I got in.  My first reaction was I went and told my parents and they were really excited for me and we got to go to Chilis to celebrate,” Pardellas said.

Many of the students were upset when they found out they didn’t make it.

“Although I got in I was still kind of upset because some of my good friends didn’t make it, and they were all sad and I felt bad because I made it and they didn’t,” Pardellas said.

One thing about vocal ensemble is not everyone can get in, it can actually be quite hard for some.

“To be accepted the student must be able to sing out, sing in tune, get along with others and can not be afraid to sing out in front of people,” ninth grader Janelle McCreary Said.

Also, just because someone didn’t make it, doesn’t mean they’re a bad singer.  It all depends on scores.

“During an audition Mrs.Connell basically scores us on how well we stay on pitch and how well we stay on our voice parts (baritone,alto and soprano).  When a lot of people end up having similar scores she starts to look at their pronunciation and diction.  She also has another music teacher in the room to help her score.  Once all the scores are averaged she picks the ones who she thinks would be best for the group,” ninth grader Kayla Prough said.

“The first vocal ensemble practice was scheduled the week after auditions, Wednesday Sept. 26,” McCreary said.

“Our first practice was fairly good.  Some people including myself were a little out of tune, but we got into it and now we’re doing really really good,” Pardellas said .

For all of those in vocal ensemble its a place to have fun with friends and do what you love to do most, to sing.

“One thing about vocal ensemble is everyone acts as a family,”  McCreary said.

“I have many friends in vocal ensemble. I establish new ones as time comes with new people coming in everyday,”  McCreary said.

Just about everyone in vocal ensemble enjoys being apart of it and loves singing the songs they do.

“I’ve always loved to sing and its just such a good thing for me as I progress my singing,” McCreary said.

Not everyone wanted to be apart of vocal ensamble just to sing, some had other plans in mind.

“ I wanted to join vocal ensemble because I wanted to show people that I do have talent and that I’m not just an outsider,” McCreary said.

When being in vocal ensemble the students can’t always have fun and fool around.  There is a time to be serious and dedicated to singing and getting work done and times to laugh and joke around.

“I am so dedicated to singing and I do plan on working hard on my music.  I actually sing in a choir outside of school and practice those songs along with my vocal ensemble music all the time at home,” McCreary said.

 Vocal ensemble practices are not just for fun, the students work hard each week to practice for upcoming events they will sing at.  For example, some things they do includes singing at concerts, singing for special events such as the arts festival, Participating in county chorus where you compete with other schools in the county and visiting elementary schools to sing for them during christmas time.

“I’m actually really excited because I actually miss going to the schools and I want to go back to one of my old schools.  I’m just really hoping it will all work out,” McCreary said.

Not everyone has the opportunity to show how good of a singer they really are, but being apart of vocal ensemble ensures to gives students that chance.

 “There are only so many people in each section,so everyone has to be loud and sing out, when needed to show everyone what we can do, since there isn’t that many students in it.  Its the same with auditions, us students have to stand out and take our chances to show our ability and prove ourselves,” Prough said.

“I believe that vocal ensemble has a long way to go in the sense that people need to practice,practice,practice, get to know their voice parts, and get comfortable singing out and not being afraid.  Especially, after football season is over and the baritones are back at practice.  By the end of the year, I think vocal ensemble will meet the challenge and rise to the top,” Prough said.