Life of a twirler


Strut your stuff! On Dec. 2, Caley Galarneau competed at a competition at the Altoona High field house. She placed second in her division. Photo taken by Chasity Brunner

Caley Galarneau, Reporter

The moments twirlers go through during the week.

This week was a little boring for me, because I still cannot twirl from getting my wisdom teeth out.  I still went to my team practice, but I just had to sit and watch.  Of course this was very heartbreaking because I was the only one not twirling, and I got quite bored.  Then at my individual practice, I could only practice small tricks, and I took it easy so I did not hurt myself.

I do have a competition this weekend, but I am only competing in team so I will not go crazy hard with my tricks.  It is going to be a short day, but next week I can let you know about how it went.

This past Wednesday the ninth grade had our awards ceremony, and I received the award for band front.  Only one majorette gets this award, and I am so proud I was the one to get it.  I am very thankful for all that I have, and how far I have came since I started.