Stranger Things


Season two, episode nine was really good, and full of happy endings.

Riley Steinbugl, Reporter

On this blog, I will be talking about an episode of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, each week, including things such as, what I think will happen, as well as my thoughts on the characters and the events that happened.

Welcome back to Stranger Things! This week we will be talking about the final episode of season two, which is episode nine. This episode is full of happiness and joy, and it is nothing but fun.

At the start of the episode, Mike, Will, Eleven and Hopper are all in the Upside Down. They are at the gate that opens the portal, and they are trying to get Eleven to close it. Eleven is giving it her all, and she is trying so hard to  close it. This scene was super intense and also suspenseful.

Just as Eleven is about to give up, she finally closes it. I was so proud of her when she did this. Right after it closes, Eleven collapses onto the ground from exhaustion. Hopper then carries her home, which is very nice of him. Everyone is so proud of Eleven for closing the portal.

Later that week, Eleven and Mike go to the dance together. The whole group of friends goes too. It is honestly so cute how they all went together, and it seemed like such a special night.

The episode closes with a scene of Mike and Eleven kissing. It was so sweet.

That concludes season two, episode nine. I really liked this episode because of how happy it was, and overall, I really enjoyed season two. It was full of action, new friendships, new discoveries and new beginnings. I highly recommend watching it, and thank you for reading my blog!