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Kenny Chesney is singing. Courtesy of

Kenny Chesney is singing. Courtesy of

Artists of the week:

1. Blake Shelton

2. Kenny Chesney

Summary of the top two below:

One of Blake’s great songs would be “Austin.” This song came out in 2001. This song is so sad yet happy at the same time. It is about a guy that still has feelings for a girl, but she doesn’t feel the same. She finally loves him back at the end. It is just a beautiful story, and I recommend anyone to listen to it. Anyone who listens to this song will fall in love with it.

Kenny Chesney has been around since 1992 when Troy Tomlinson signed him. Since then, Chesney has recorded 15 albums. He has done great ever since then. Recently he has a new album out called “Life on a Rock”. This album is amazing, and it is a good album to listen to.

Since Chesney has made it big he has won the most honorable CMT Award, Entertainer of the Year four times. He is currently on tour with Eric Church, Eli Young and Kacey Musgraves. These are good artists together.

Kenny Chesney is singing. Courtesy of

Upcoming Concerts: June 8. Philadelphia, PA: Kenny Chesney