School year ends with recess day


Picture of the Roosevelt field. ~Photo by Kearsten Sprankle

Each year school ends with a day called recess day.  It’s a reward for all the students who work hard and have positive behavior.  It takes place on June 4-6 for each grade, at the school’s IM and Roosevelt fields.  According to eighth grade principal Brad Hatch, the event will be held sixth through eighth period, roughly from 12:30 to the end of the day.

Q: On what days will each grade be permitted to go to this event?

A: The seventh graders will go on the fourth, the eighth graders on the sixth and the ninth graders will go on the fifth.

Q: What activities will be provided for the students to participate in during this event?

A: All the different things we had last year.  We will have the basketball, tennis and volleyball courts available. There will be some games and things set up on the fields.  I know that Mr. Blough is going to bring back disk golf and set up a little disk golf course on one of the fields. We will also have the walking track and the bleachers and things for kids that kind of just want to hang out and socialize with friends.  We were also looking at trying to bring out some music this year and will be selling snacks and drinks as well.

Q: What made you decide to do this event again this year?

A: It’s been very successful, and I think kids really enjoy it.  It  gives kids an opportunity to celebrate the whole year at the end of the year with a nice fun day outside.  Also, it allows them to use the lion loot they earned to not only have the privilege to go outside but also to have chances to win the prizes and things that we have for the kids.

Q: What prizes will the students be able to win?

A: I know that this year the park and rec commission donated four season passes to the local swimming pools.  We’re also going to  have Delgrosso season passes and a big screen TV that will be a prize as well.  In addition to that, we will have different individuals and clubs that put together baskets of prizes and things for the kids to have chances on winning.

Q: Who or what has provided the funding for this event?

A: Honestly, a lot of it comes from things such as the lollipop sales and the other different fundraisers the PBS committee does throughout the year.  We also receive some donations throughout the year.  This year we solicited in our community to this point over $500 dollars in donations from businesses and clubs and individuals that we utilize to buy the prizes.  We do make a small profit and that money goes directly back into buying more incentives for kids.

Q: What is your backup plan for if it rains?

A: The backup plan is always a movie.  We will have a kid friendly movie available in the auditorium if we do have rain.  Fortunately, we got really lucky the last couple of years, we’ve only had one time where it rained the day the ninth graders were suppose to go.  Other than that we’ve had pretty decent weather.  It’s actually been very warm, so were hoping for good weather, but in the event that we don’t have good weather we will have an alternative for the kids to enjoy.

Picture of the Roosevelt field.
~Photo by Kearsten Sprankle