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photo courtesy of ripten

photo courtesy of ripten

Reus is a fun puzzle type game where the player controls giants that start life on a planet.  The point of the game is to make people and keep them happy in villages.  This can be difficult with the small time limit that the giants are given.

The player is given four giants each with special abilities and each having the ability to make their own type of land.  The crab looking giant can make oceans, the tree looking giant can make forests, the mucky looking one can make swamps and the rocky looking one can make hills and mountains.

The game is played to try and make a certain point of happiness.  The giants only have a certain amount of time to make everyone happy and able to live in their environments.  In this time the player has to make the villages happy, but not make them greedy either.

Each giant also has special abilities to make plants, animals, exotic plants and minerals each with a purpose.  The plants and animals are of course for food, each village will start  doing tasks such as making schools which need a certain amount of food.  Exotic plants give research to the village to be able to make things such as schools in the village.  Last minerals give wealth to the village for the jobs that they need to do.

So why not just give the villages a whole bunch of each thing?  The villages as I said can get greedy if the player gives one village too much they will just want more.  When the player does not give more it will try to rage war on another village.  If this happens my favorite part of the game is stopping them.  Once one village starts to create war the player has the option of stopping it by giving the village a large earthquake.  When the player uses this earthquake it destroys the whole village and leaves them to start again.

photo courtesy of ripten

This game is so much fun and should be given a 5 out of 5 stars.  I very much enjoy the aspect of the player controlling everything that happens and what does not.