News Brief: PBIS store grand opening!


Izabella Mccarthy

Free items! The PBIS committee wants to welcome students with AAJHS apparel. Make sure to keep earning and saving up E-BUCKS!

Students can spend leftover and fourth marking period E-BUCKS at the PBIS store for AAJHS apparel.

The store opened April 11.

Many students may not know how to purchase these items, which include lead pencils, pop-it’s, lanyards, stylists, crazy socks, water bottles, T-shirts, long Sleeve T-shirts and hoodies.

Seventh grade teacher Alyssa McCombie said, “Students fill out the website link with information during homeroom on their designated days.  Teachers need to input a password to access the store, and then students can buy anything.”

The link is under the AAJHS Bookmarks folder. Students just click on the PBIS School Store link.

Sixth graders can purchase items Mondays, seventh graders can purchase items Tuesdays and eighth graders can purchase items Wednesdays.

McCombie expressed her feelings about the opening of the store.

“I think the apparel items are going to be a hit. It’s pretty cool! You can use your E-BUCKS for AAJHS apparel,” said McCombie.

The items in the store came from Proactive Sports located right in Altoona. Money for the PBIS store comes from a grant designed to help improve the positivity of our school and the proceeds from the lollipop sale also help with the costs.

Start purchasing your items before they run out!