With imagination possibilities are infinite


Ninth grader Bradley Weatherwalk created a mural for display in the school library last year. It read, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”  When Jonathan Klingeman, drama teacher, saw the mural he wanted to give it a permanent place.

“I was so shocked and extremely happy when I heard Mr. Klingeman wanted to expand on my mural,” Weatherwalk said.

 “My brain is a scary thing, and I have visions and my vision told me we could make it bigger and more colorful.  There is no ‘wrong’ when it comes to art, I love it,” Klingeman said.

The mural was placed outside of the music room.  Then the school added more artwork around Weatherwalk’s mural. The librarian told him that his drawings are amazing, and she would love to put his art on display according to Weatherwalk.

Klingeman is one of few who played a role in the expansion of the school mural.  Klingeman got hired here in 2008 when the school finally opened.  When he went in for his interview he was asked if he was interested in becoming the drama teacher and he was more than happy to accept the offer.

“I’ve always been a creative person, so being involved with the drama program is a dream come true,” Klingeman said.

It was just last year Klingeman saw the mural Weatherwalk created, and he is over enjoyed at the turn out.

“I am overly satisfied, in fact it makes me emotional,”  Klingeman said.

 Weatherwalk developed this idea last year in eighth grade.  He got his idea from the show Ink Masters.

“There was a guy on the show who did a lot of tattoos involving drama, and that inspired me to try it out on my own,” Weatherwalk said.

“My father is the main reason I got involved with art in the first place,” Weatherwalk said. “I look up to my father because he himself is an artist, even better than me and I just want to make him proud.”                                                   IMG_9827

In Action!

Jonathan Klingeman, drama teacher, poses while he is working on some new projects for the school.