Drama club presents first play of year


The drama club put on their production of Romeo and Juliet on Oct. 18-19 After a month of preparation, they were ready to make everyone laugh as they performed their version of the classic play.


CHEESE!! Hadley Hollern played Romeo in the play Romeo and Juliet.  Photo by Devon Kennedy

This year Romeo was an upcoming actor, Hadley Hollern. Hollern has been in the drama club ever since he was in fifth grade. He has played in plays such as the Music Man, Rose Red, The Seussical, 30 Reasons Not To Be In a Play, Into the Woods, and is soon to premiere in the drama clubs performance of Peter Pan.

“It was up to the people that came,” Hollern said. “Since more people came then yeah I’d say it was a big success. I think it was a great play, and more people should have come.”

Some actors choose role models or mentors.

“I don’t have an actor who is my role model, but Mr. Klingeman, because you give him anything and he’ll do it no problem,”Hollern said.

Jonathan Klingeman is one of the three drama club advisors. Klingeman became elated when he learned that the play sold over 300 tickets combined within the two nights. The other two advisors, Alyssa Becher, who worked with the costume design, and Cathy Morgan who worked with the prop crew, were also thrilled that their play sold so many tickets.

While Romeo was played by Hollern, Juliet was played by Isabel Mika. Mika started Drama when she was in elementary school and has been in it for the past four years.

“I like the play because it is a twist on the original Romeo and Juliet, and it adds a lot of comedy to it,” Mika said.


Isabel Mika. Mika played Juliet in the play Romeo and Juliet
PICKLES!                                        Mika played Juliet in the play Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Devon Kennedy

Mika has been in several plays such as Sparkle, Into the Woods, and The Big Bad Musical. She was introduced to drama when she joined a small drama club in elementary school, and they put on a small play for their school.

After the play was over, everyone was congratulated and sent home. They hope that their next play in March, Peter Pan, will be just as big a hit as Romeo and Juliet.

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