Interscholastic competing and reading


This year, once again, there will be a reading competition team. The Interscholastic Reading Competition has been in existence since 1990. In this club, the students read books and complete study sheets. They also work with their teammates.

The advisor for it is ninth grade English teacher Wanda Pletcher. This will be her third year being the advisor. Before AAJHS was built, she was the advisor for Reading Competition at Roosevelt Junior High School after the librarian had retired. When the new school was built, and the librarian had retired, she became the advisor of the reading competition.

The club competes in one competition per year; it is the fall competition that is in November. There are nine students in the club this year and they have to divide 42 books among themselves to read for the competition.

The competition will meet two more times before the competition. They will meet on November 7 and November 14. The competition will be held on Tuesday November 19. The competition will take place in Bellwood. Team members are to go to the last two mandatory meetings.

The participants in the competition have to read a series of questions that range anywhere from characters to questions about the plot of that book. There are many things that the students are strong in and that they need to work on.

“I think that they are strong in enthusiasm, and they need to work on their speed of reading the books,” Pletcher said.

Daysia Cuff, ninth grade, reads “Eggs” for reading competition.

When asked about how much confidence she has in her team, she said she was hesitant because of the low number of students and how much information the students would have to remember about the books.