Eighth grade band members step up to varsity level


The varsity band is marching on to the field ready to wow the crowd during half time. The band played the songs “September” “Semper Fidelis” against the rivaling band, Holidaysburg. taken by Daysia Cuff

Eighth grade band students started a new year in music. During this year, eighth graders will receive more difficult songs and learn how to improve their marching. Eighth graders deal with keeping up with the already experienced ninth graders. Taking this step determines improvement or damage to their marching band skill level.

 “The biggest difference between the junior varsity and the varsity is that the varsity is more professional and knows more about marching ,” Vanessa Gil said.

This year students have more obstacles to overcome than last year. Students must expand their ranges and skill level. They must learn a totally new marching style and keep up.

“Mr. Martin expects a lot from us, but Mr. Yon was more understanding,” Gil said.

 “Learning new marching technique is one of the hardest things we have been faced with this year,” Josh Long said.

Both of these eighth graders stated that this year introduced many new challenges.

Gil pointed out that the varsity band attends many more performances than the junior varsity band. Gil said she finds difficulty in attending all of those performances.

“Yeah, the band is sort of overwhelming. There are a lot of performances to go to”, Gil said.

Long however did not feel the same.

“No, the band is not overwhelming because I know most of the other band members and the director,” Long said.

Gil explained how each of the performances gets graded, and that she finds difficulty in keeping up with so many.

“Even though it can be difficult, it makes me happy to hear when Mr. Martin tells us that he wants his colleagues to come listen to our band. It makes me feel proud of the band”, Gil said after she expresses her feelings about the obstacles of the band.

Long agreed with Gil.

“Totally, because he says we are as good as some college bands, and I went to a college game once, and he was right we were much better than them,” Long said. These kids try hard to keep up with the new band.