Martins bonus card program raises money

Martins bonus card program raises money

The school has a program that has seventh through ninth grade students collecting Martins Bonus Card numbers to earn money for the school to fund extracurricular activities and buy new materials for classrooms.

The students had about a two week period to collect as many bonus card numbers as possible.They try to get the program started early in the year. The school encourages every student to try and collect the numbers. The school didn’t actually come up with the program they heard about it through Martins grocery store.

“It was Martin’s idea, and the school had no input,” said Krott. “How it works is that students and faculty collect bonus card numbers and we enter them on Martin’s website and the school receives a percentage of it.”

The homeroom with the highest number on each grade level gets a pizza party, and the student who brought in the most wins a prize.

“The pizza party seems to be the big motivator,” Krott said.

They are open to suggestions for new rewards. The year the highest amount was raised was the 2011- 2012 school year it was over $11,000.

Community service workers along with the head of the program count the number of bonus card numbers for each grade level.

“We are not the only school to take part in this program. It’s in the elementary schools along with the high school, but we have raised the most,” Krott said.

The seventh grade results are as follows:

In third place, Mrs. Morgan’s homeroom

In second place, Mr. Krott’s homeroom

And in first, the winner of the pizza party is…Mrs. Hovan’s homeroom.

The eighth grade results are:

Third place, Mr. Rogers’ homeroom

Second place, Ms. Barr’s homeroom

And in first, the winner of the pizza party is…Mrs. Gilbert’s homeroom.

The ninth grade results are:

Third place, Mrs. Miller’s homeroom

Second place, Mrs. Johnston’s homeroom

And in first, the winner of the pizza party is…Ms. Becher’s homeroom.

The students that collected the most bonus card in each grade level are Nathan Wright for seventh grade, Jonah Noel for eighth grade and Bailee Loughridge for ninth grade.