Seventh graders start fresh


As new students, many seventh graders deal with new responsibilities and transitions. For many young students it is the first time having their own locker. Most students are also not used to going to a different teacher for each of their subjects. Compared to a lot of the elementary schools, the junior high school can seem very different.

“It’s probably food,” seventh grader Nathan Wright said when asked what his favorite thing about the junior high is.

Some other students felt that their favorite thing would be the responsibility that the junior high can offer. In the junior high there are also certain clubs and groups that can help you get more connected with the school and help get you more connected with other students as well.

Into The Future!
Seventh Graders Deseree Lawrence. Mikayla Alberts, BobbiJo Hinkledire, and Kobe Trube(from left to right) walking to their next class. Photo by Seth Snyder

 A vast majority of the students said that their least favorite thing was the number of stairs there are to their floor. Other students also said the amount of time from class to class.