Feature Teacher


Photo by: Becca Gallace

Features a teacher every week.

Lori Brown is the ninth grade, honors math teacher. She is one of students’ favorite teachers.

She is easygoing and fun. Her second period class even refers to her as “L . Bro Swag Master”. They said that it stands for: “L”- Lori her first name, “Bro”- the beginning of Brown her last name, and “Swag Master”- she is apparently a certified “Swag Master”. She cracks jokes and really makes math fun! She makes up funny words to help her classes remember some of the harder math terms and man do they really stick!

Brown interacts with her classes and is always there if anyone ever needs help. She knows that she sometimes has to assign homework, so she helps out by only giving her classes worksheets so they do not have to lug home a big text book. She calls it, “portable homework”, meaning that students can get it done in other classes or on the bus. Brown also understands that students sometimes have a lot of other activities after school, and might not have time to do their math homework. In this case, she has a classroom rule where if students did not get your homework done, you do not have to turn it in until you have your chapter test on that specific material. Brown is fun, kind and understanding. That is why she is the “Feature Teacher” of this week!

Lorie Brown teaches her fourth period class. Photo by Becca Gallace