Student of the week

Recognizing kids for their academic accomplishments

 Many students  work hard everyday to make their grades amazing. This Blog will represent those kids who stand out to their teachers by showing how they earn the grades. Each week there will be one student from each grade 7-9 showing how they prove how hard they work to be a super student.

Seventh grade

This week the seventh grade student of the week is Marisa Abbot.

She works hard everyday to make her grade magnificent. She balances school with violin.

She is constantly working on her skills.

 “She puts forth one hundred percent effort every day and also helps out other students that could be challenged academically and encourages them to best of their potential. By seeing her and the examples she puts fourth the fact that she comes to class early, starts her work, ends her work on time and always creates motivation for herself and others,”  Ken Margroum said.

Eighth grade

This weeks eighth grade student of the week is Lindsey Haliana.

She shows how it is not hard to be nice to others and how she makes herself a better person through her grades. Lindsey shows how students can have a social life along with still having amazing grades.

 “This student works very hard to complete all of her assignments on time and actually goes out of her way to help other students understand concepts that are difficult. She is a very sweet girl; she always comes to class prepared. She is friendly to everyone, and she always tries her best. I think that other students should look at Lindsay as a role model because she is always kind to others and willing to help and I think if everyone acted like that we would have a great group of kids,” Robyn Disabato said.

Ninth Grade

Ninth grade student of the week is Ally Fama because she is a overall great student .  She always works hard in everything she does. She also shows how she maintains an above average grade while still excelling in her sport.

“She’s a very conscientious student; she is very particular about her work. She’s very thorough in everything she does. I think it’s because she pays close attention to detail. She’s such a good example. Shes very good in class; she gets her homework in on time and she shows great interest in what we are doing every day,” Steve Rhodes said.