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This week’s blog will give friends tips on how to overcome a fight with a friend or loved one.

People get into fights with their friends all the time. Many of those times, the people in the fight  find that they even forgot what the fight was about. When it comes to friends in fights they seem to argue, and then just stop talking to each other. Time goes by and they realize they miss the friendship they had, and wish they could talk to them again. It is possible that they feel the same way. Someone has to make the first move, and it might as well be you!

When trying to make up with a friend after a fight, one may be lost in thoughts and not know what to do to make everything right again.   In order to make up with a friend do the following:

  • Let the argument simmer down for a while, by leaving it alone, and avoiding communication.  Don’t talk right after the fight, because many things will be said out of anger.

  • Take time to reconsider if this person is really a friend.  If you’re constantly in fights and always making up, then there might be more to the situation going on than it may appear.  Is it ever really their fault?

  • Reflect on what you may have done. Read past texts, chats, etc. This will help you understand their point of view better.

  • Give in and apologize. The other person probably wants to do it too, but it shows that you’re a courageous and dedicated friend.

  • Try to understand the other  friend’s perspective. Friends obviously argue because they don’t agree on something. But did you really think it through?  Make sure to try and understand what he/she is saying; it could make more sense than yours!

  • Control your emotions. If you don’t learn how to control yourself, it would most likely turn into an even bigger fight, which damages the friendship even worse. If your friend is yelling at you, don’t yell back.

  • Be open about fixing the problem. Show them that you really do care about your friendship and that you’re willing to do whatever is needed to make it work.

  • Maybe you both realize it was a stupid fight.  Most of the time they  both get caught up in a pointless argument, and luckily they both realize it!

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                                                Photo courtesy of Darkcells.wordpress.com