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Seventh grade students adjust to new school

Annetta Conway goes over homework with her fourth period class. The Seventh grade class listens as she talks about the problem.
picture by: Madison James
Seventh grader Bailie Newberry

Going to a different school is hard in most cases. Making new friends, keeping grades up, finding the way around the school and just in general going to a new school is hard.

“The steps are the worst!” seventh grader Brandon Evangelisto said.

It’s hard to walk up exactly 77 steps. It’s the worst part of the junior high, according to Evangelisto. A lot of people complain about them.

“I’m used to a schedule the same one every day, doing the same things. Here we have different schedules each marking period,” Bailie Newberry said.

In elementary school homework was a piece of cake, now not so much. Seventh, eighth and ninth grade all have different amounts of homework, depending on what  level students are in.

Going from class to class was also hard for seventh graders to get used to. In elementary  school students were contained in one classroom all day. At the junior high, students go to eight periods a day. Those eight periods are all 45 minutes long.

“You have to go up and down the steps, some classes are down stairs and some are up,” Evangelisto said.

 Heath, gym, lunch, technology education and art are all downstairs depending on what grade and what floor students are on. It’s hard to know where everything is and  what floor its on at the junior high school.

Elementary school was easy, the junior high may be challenging for some students. Who’s not up for a challenge though? Every grade is just preparing for the next grade. Doing homework, working hard and being prepared is part of the secret to success when it comes to school. Slowly but surely the seventh graders are getting used to the school, by learning their ways around, knowing the classrooms.

“It took me awhile but now I know where almost everything is, I just have to remember where I’m going and where certain classes are,” Newberry said.

David By once said,  “Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted”



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