New project gets students all keyed up


Dragon Power! Nathan Lawhead is preparing his dragon to be made by tracing the dragon parts in the packet. His dragon will be desigined based on what his traits were. Photo by Jacob Hord

Biology project uses genetics to design dragons

Heather Partsch’s honors biology class is doing a genetics project for this week’s assignment.  Genetics is the study of heredity and the traits that people have.  Students are making their own dragons using dominant traits and recessive traits.  Traits like how long the neck is and what color their eye color is are on the chart.  After they pick their traits, they have to mate with another student’s dragon.  When they mate they will cut out a picture of a dragon and they make the baby dragon.  Depending on the traits selected, the babies can all look very different.  Let’s get all keyed up about this project!