Photo by diycrafts.com


  This week on #OOTW, it’s all about DIY ( do it yourself ) tutorials. There are tons of easy, and simple ways to make things with just a few steps. Why spend money on things that are easily able to be made from something that you already have? Exactly. Follow these steps and your friends and family will be all over your new outfit!


Photo by diycrafts.com
Photo by diycrafts.com

The first DIY is how to make a tee-shirt into a cute spring dress! The things that are needed are a really big tee-shirt, but make sure the shirt is at an appropriate length, any color that fits you, scissors and an elastic band. The first step is to take the tee shirt and lay it down on a flat surface. Cut off the shirt into four sections. Get rid of three parts of the two sleeves and top part of the collar. Then cut the remaining shirt into two parts like shown in the picture. Finally, just measure the elastic to the inside of one side of the shirt and sew it in. That’s it! The outcome is now a new dress!


Using old shirts to make new things such as dresses can look like so much more work than needed. In reality, it’s pretty easy. Go and try it and see what the outcome is. Add some accessories like a belt around the elastic part. Necklaces, earrings and shoes as well can make a simple look, look great.

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