Teen Tips

Teen Tips

How to Survive Middle School

Middle school can be a tough time for some of those who attend,  so be sure to follow the tips below to help you through it.

 Most adults say that middle school was definitely one of the hardest times in their life.  Either they were bullied or just had trouble with the work aspect of it all.  In the end, everyone wishes that they could have had some tips / advice on how to get through or at least help out with along the process of it all. To better understand and get through middle school without a breeze, follow the tips below to help out:

  • Make as many friends as possible.  No matter what and no matter what situation friends are always nice to have.  They are there when you are going through a rough time or even there just to help with the simple things in life, such as helping out with homework or other possible situations.

  • Study and maintain good grades all the time.  Whenever someones grades are high then it not only sets them up for a good future but it will also take a lot of stress away and make it easier to avoid the complaining from parents.

  • Stay away from the main drama sources.   Whenever someone gets dragged into all of the dama it instantly ruins their reputation and distracts them away from more of the important things in life.

  • Join as many clubs and athletics as possible! The more activities that a person is involved in, will help avoid the drama and always have something for them to do so that their middle school experience is lived to its fullest without any regrets.


In the end, the middle school is not only a place to grow as a person but it i a new beginning.  It can either make or break the next few years of their lives and give off the fullest memories, so why take any chances whenever it’s as easy as following the tips above.