Student teachers bid school farewell

Student teachers bid school farewell

Earlier in the spring the school received 10 student teachers. Spread out among different grade levels, there are five female student teachers and five male student teachers.  All of the student teachers except one leave in April.

” I’d like to get a job teaching somewhere in the area and if not I’d to move preferably to Oregon or California. There are just more jobs out there,” Brandon McGraw said.

Everyone is leaving in a different direction. Biology student teacher, Kirsten Fazio is moving to Pittsburgh, English student teacher, Ariel Simner to Israel, Biology student teacher, Aerielle Smith to Virginia and English student teacher, Josh Horton to California. They are all taking a little piece of the school with them.

” I would say definitely classroom management, how to control a classroom but be their friend at the same time,” Ariel Simner said.

Simner thinks that being a teacher means being flexible and open-minded, not being afraid to take risks with the students.

“I basically just want to get the classroom more interactive. When I went to high school there were a lot of notes and learning from textbooks. Now it’s not all about that,” McGraw said.

While most are in favor of teaching the students Aerielle Smith wants the students to teach themselves.

” Project base learning, having students do labs and researching on their own. So they are learning on their own and teaching themselves. I am just the facilitator,” Aerielle Smith said.

More time with them would mean a stronger connection.

“I think I’d get more activities and stuff.  Because you’re all involved in sports and clubs. I want to be apart of that,” Fazio said.

Some student teachers have gotten close with students.

“If I had to pull out something it’s just how much of an impact you can make on the lives of students,” Josh Horton said.

Next year, Ariel Simner is going to Ashdod, Israel to teach. She must learn Hebrew to communicate.

“Oregon, I’ve just heard that it is a really great place to teach, and If I moved to California  I could see my brother more often,” McGraw.

Although they are leaving, they wished they had more time. Each student has been inspired by the many personalities around the school.  They feel as though they have inspired some students, and have been inspired in return.



7th grade:

Miss Casper

8th grade:

Miss Rivera


Mr. Krouse

9th grade:

Miss. Simner

Miss Smith

Miss Fazio

Mr. Horton

Mr. McGraw

Mr. Sugrue


Mr. McGraw
Good Year! Brandon McGraw is teaching his fourth period class on the history of pop culture. He was the student teacher of Robyn Dixon.
Photo by Jacob Hord
Mr. Horton
Go Mr. Horton! Josh Horton is teaching is fourth period drama class about certain topics for their upcoming test. He was the student teacher for John Klingeman.
Photo by Jacob Hord
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Ninth grade student teacher, Arielle Simner works on her computer. She was working on making lesson plans and putting grades in. Simner is a student teacher for Wanda Pletcher.
Photo by Jacob Hord


Miss. Fazio
Ninth grade student teacher, Kirsten Fazio prepares for an upcoming lab. She was cutting open an earthworm to see what is on the inside. Fazio is a student teacher for Jessica Hogan.
Photo by Joanne Pringle
Miss. Smith
Ninth grade student teacher, Ariel Smith prepares for an upcoming lab. The point of this lab is to cut open an earthworm to see what goes on inside. Smith is a student teacher for Stephanie McAleer.
Photo by Joanne Pringle