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Everything that has to do with sports- Albert Pujols

 Home runs! This week is about Albert Pujols. Pujols has now joined the 500 home runs club. Hitting 500 career home runs is an accomplishment that is cherished.

Pujols plays for the Los Angeles Angels. He is 34 years old and has had 13 years of experience. He was born on January 16, 1980 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

He went to Maple Woods Community College in Kansas. He is a 6’3” first baseman. He is number five.

He played for 10 for the St. Louis Cardinals and then went to the Angels. He started for the Angels in 2012 and has played there ever since. Pujols got the accomplishment that only certain players will get.

Players that have accomplished this include Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey, Jr. and Hank Aaron. This is something to be proud of as these are some of the best players that have ever played.

He has some years left to play and could build off of this milestone.

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