Teen Tips (How to Celebrate Everyday Life)


“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” – Gerard Way

 Life is something to celebrate.  Don’t spend life wondering and doubting if something is worth doing or not, just do it! The end result will create new memories and set the right mindset for more adventures to take in the future.  There are several ways to have fun and enjoy life, some are listed below and the rest is up to how adventures someone is up to.

  • Smile! If someone smiles, then pass it on and smile at someone else.

  • Be sure to be open to new things! Whenever someone suggests something new and interesting to do, then be open and try it out.

  • Make new memories that will last a lifetime! Usually making memories has to deal with some new adventures and new things that someone is willing to take.

  • Join a bunch of clubs! In the future whenever someone wanted to ask if they lived their life to the fullest, most people would want to say yes! But they can’t, because they didn’t do everything possible to make it all that they could of.  Try and make an effort to try new things and make new friends in the process.

  • Try somewhere new to eat.  When trying new things, it could be something someone really likes and or enjoys but did not know it until they tried.

Celebrating life can open up someones eyes to a lot of new things.  View the world as something amazing and something with plenty of opportunities and be sure work as hard as possible to take up as many of them opportunities to better your future as a whole.  Why must someone ask “what if”, whenever they can say say “remember when?”

celebrate life