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Highlights a student’s pet every week

 This week’s Pets Gone Wild pet of the week is Hank.  Hank belongs to eiighth grader Madison Saylor.  Hank is a Redbone Coonhound.  He weighs about 90 pounds and he is 24 inches tall.

The Saylor’s got Hank in April in 2012.  They also decided to call him Hank because Madison’s father said it was a good name for a hound dog.

 Hank is a very good pet to have in the house.

“He has a very good temperament.  He’s good around kids and loves to cuddle on the couch at night,” Saylor said.

Redbone’s need to be walked every day.

“We walk him almost every day.  He has a lot of energy, so he needs to be walked every day,” Saylor said.

Hound dogs need to be washed at least once every two months.

“He goes for a bath and nail trimming every 7-9 weeks,” Saylor said.