Pets Gone Wild


Photo by: Demia Shaneyfelt

Pet’s Gone Wild

Highlights a student’s pet every week

 This week’s Pet Gone Wild pet of the week is Powder.  Powder belongs to ninth grader Demia Shaneyfelt.  Powder is one foot and ten inches and weighs 13 pounds.

“He is very heavy, he is a fat cat,” Shaneyfelt said.

Photo by: Demia Shaneyfelt
Photo by Demia Shaneyfelt

Demia decided to call her cat Powder because he is white.  Demia has had Powder since he was born.

“So about four years we have had him,” Shaneyfelt said.

 Powder is a family friendly cat.  He is also just a good pet in general.

“He is hilarious and keeps you company.  He is very stupid, so you could say he is entertaining,” Shaneyfelt said.

 Since Powder is a cat, he is very easy to take care of.

“He doesn’t go outside very often because he is afraid to go outside,” Shaneyfelt said.

He also doesn’t need to be groomed.

“We don’t need to wash him or brush him because he is a cat and does it himself,” Shaneyfelt said.

Powder is also very playful.

“Last winter he decided to go outside in the snow and it took me four hours to find him because he blended in,” Shaneyfelt said.