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This week’s throwback is Johnny Bravo! Photo by: Lynsey Davis.

This week’s throwback is Johnny Bravo! It was originally aired on Cartoon Network for four whole seasons.

Johnny Bravo is the main character on the show. He is the protagonist and also the narcissist on the show. His strongest feature is his inability to attract any woman. He is also a huge momma’s boy as well.

Bunny “Momma” Bravo is Johnny’s mom. She is a calm older woman. Later in the show, she becomes more upbeat and loud.

The show was cancelled due to the views of the show disappearing. In the future, the isn’t as likely to return due to why it was cancelled.

One of the most popular episodes is episode 17 of season two which is Endless Bummer/Jailbird Johnny/Bravo 13. Endless Bummer is about how Johnny Bravo becomes a lifeguard to impress women and get a date. The second half of it is called Jailbird Johnny. This episode is about how a mistake in the judicial system makes Johnny become sentenced to go to a women’s prison. The last part of the show is called Bravo 13. This part of it is about how Johnny is sent into space as a mistake with an annoying chimpanzee.  Here’s the link to watch it yourself!