Athlete of the week


Athete of the week Mike Folcarelli

Mike Folcarelli was asked several questions about his very fun and interesting season as a player on the maroon basketball team.

Q: What positions do you play?

A: “ I play guard,” Mike Folcarelli said.

Q: What do you do before each game?

A: “Listen to music,” Folcarelli said.


Q: How long are your practices? How many days a week do you practice?

A: “ 6-7:30. Three times a week,” Folcarelli said.


Q: What’s your favorite warm up drill?

A: “3 on 2. It gets me warmed up for the opposing team,” Folcarelli said.


Q: Who is your basketball coach?

A: “Tim Carter,” Folcarelli said.


Q: What got you to start playing basketball?

A: “By watching basketball it encouraged me to play,” Folcarelli said.


Q: What is your favorite thing about basketball?

A: “Scrimmaging at practice. If we win the game our team doesn’t have to run at the end of practice,” Folcarelli said.


Q: Who is your favorite basketball player?

A: “ Nerlins Noel. He plays for my favorite team which are the 76ers,” Folcarelli said.


Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

“ Rap and hip hop. It gets me pumped up for games,” Folcarelli said.


Q: What is your favorite flavor of gatorade?

A: “ Riptide rush,” Folcarelli said.


Q: What is your favorite memory of the current basketball season?

When we went out for pizza after a game and a teammate dropped pizza on his shirt,” Folcarelli said.