Students speak out about closings, delays

Students speak out about closings, delays

The Altoona Area School District has had three closings and numerous delays this 2014-2015 school year. The loss of time has set back teacher’s lessons plans and students are working hard to makeup school work.  Some students were asked questions about their thoughts on closings, delays, and makeup days. These are the questions the students were asked included:
Q- What are some pros about having a delay?
Q- What are some cons about having a delay?
Q- Do you feel more crammed with homework when school is closed?
Q- Would you rather A) Have our inservices/days off/holidays taken away? B) Do virtual days? C) Have extra days added on to the end of the year?

The students then responded to these questions.

Tori Chirdon-
A-“I get to sleep in later.”
A-“Some periods are longer than the other and some of those longer classes are boring.”
A-“Yes, because everything is a day behind.”
A- B)

Abby Aurandt-
A- “I get to sleep in and we have shorter periods.”
A- “We miss a lot time and less work leads to a lot of make up work.”
A- “Yes, because we are doing work from the closed day and the next day we are back.”
A- A)

Hailey Strayer-
A- “We are able to sleep in longer.”
A- “We don’t have enough class time.”
A- “Yeah.”
A- A)

Jalynn Vogel-
A- “We don’t have to dress for gym, sleeping in and shorter class periods.”
A- “You’re set back on time and assignments. “
A – “No, I don’t feel crammed with homework.”
A- A)

Tre Stillman-
A- “I like sleeping in and I don’t have to dress for gym.”
A- “I have to walk to school.”
A- “No, I don’t.”
Noell Kerr-
A- “We get to sleep in more and complete homework you didn’t the night before.”
A- “There aren’t really any cons.”
A- “Yes, I feel crammed with work.”
A- B)

Bridgid Fox-
A- “There is more time to study.”
A- “We are crammed for time when taking tests.”
A- “Yeah.”
A- B)

Jenna Fortson-
A- “We get to sleep in and we don’t have to come in as cold weather as we would at normal hours.”
A- “Classes are shorter and we don’t learn as much.”
A- “No.”
A- C)
Sara Socie-
A- “I like having extra morning time.”
A- “The class periods are shortened and teachers give more work.”
A- “It depends on the teacher.”
A- B)