Circle of Friends club hosts luau dance


On Friday, May 8, members of Altoona’s Circle of Friends club will be attending a Luau themed dance from 6-8 in gymnasium B of the Junior High.  The dance is being held as an end-of-the-year activity, a way for the club members to say goodbye to each other for the summer.

 For those who are unaware, Circle of Friends is a club aimed at including all students in activities, lending a helping hand to students with special needs, and building friendships throughout the school.

“My favorite memory was meeting a bunch of new kids and getting to know them,” eighth grader Isabella Zavalanski said.

This alone makes it stand out from other clubs in the school.

“It helps create friendships,”  Kathy Morgan, co-adviser of the club said, “I’ve seen so many great bonds established.”

C.O.F. was originally established in 1999, but Altoona has had the club for eight years.  Currently, the club has two advisers; Kathy Morgan and Jason Lloyd.  This is C.O.F.’s second annual dance, and students have been looking forward to it since the beginning of the year.

“The luau is our club’s way of saying goodbye and kicking off summer,” Morgan said.  “and the dance gives everyone the opportunity to dress up and go to a school dance like everyone else.”

Everyone attending the dance is required to wear appropriate dress clothes, such as dresses, dress pants, skirts and blouses.  For guys, a dress shirt and pair of khakis are suggested.  The school dress code will be enforced, so spaghetti strap dresses or miniskirts are not allowed, and jeans are prohibited as well.  The dance is free to all members of Circle of Friends attending the dance.

Since students enjoyed last year’s dance so much, members of C.O.F. are very excited for this year’s “Luau..

“I think it’s going to be lots of fun,”  Zavalanski said.